Confirmation Page Redesign

Help users to leave the purchase journey with excitement and confidence

Project Brief

The confirmation page was lack of order information; it didn’t add value to users. Additionally, it didn’t support different inventory needs. In this project, I was working with a PM and an engineering team to build a new templet for the confirmation page.

  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design

Problems From the Existing Page

  • Clarity: The order information is not comprehensive. The quantity and order subtotal is missing, so the user can’t confirm their order right away.

  • Hierarchy: The up-selling widget is the most prominent element on the current which neglects users' primary goal on this page, which is confirming the purchase.

  • Scalability: The current design can’t support all inventory's needs.

  • Unclear CTA: Most of the user tends to go to the My Groupon to check the order, but it’s hard to do so since the CTA is hidden as a link in a sentence.
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Create a Templet

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Apply to Local Order

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Apply to Goods Order

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Apply to Geteways Order

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Apply to Booking Order

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Apply to Processing State

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